Mark Hurd’s Life: One of Unbridled Success

Do you, like most others, believe that LinkedIn is a wonderful resume website as it allows professionals to get jobs and switch careers without giving interviews? Well, this social networking site also has the resume of Mark Hurd, one of the most successful CEO of modern times. He has more than 160000 followers on LinkedIn. This is only one of the many interesting facts of Website that many people are no aware of.


Do you know that Mark Hurd, the man who has led three technology companies at different times in his long and fruitful career spanning 35 years, is not a computer programmer? He does not even have an MBA degree against his name. He passed out from Baylor University in 1979 and received his degree of BBA from there. Therefore, he can be termed as a non technological man who has held such important positions in tech companies like Oracle and Hewlett Packard. He may not have a technology background as far as academics is concerned but he has deep knowledge that he has earned through hard work and experience.


One of the important aspects of Mark Hurd’s life is that he had to endure a lot of pain while serving Hewlett Packard. He joined HP when it was going through a poor performance period. He sacked thousands of employees of the company to stop HP from reaching the level of bankruptcy. He asked many employees to take a cut in their salaries and he himself accepted a 20% cut in his salary. His drastic steps helped in improving the financial condition of the company and it limped back to normalcy.


Finally, this one will blow you over. Mark Hurd got admission in Baylor University through a tennis scholarship. He repaid generously after he became successful as he helped in renovation of a tennis complex there.

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