Must Have Web Hosting Security Features

To continue to gain the trust of your website visitors and customers you need to guarantee security. People are losing personal profiles and data to hackers online these days, and it is no funny at all. When selecting a hosting company for your business choose Canadian web hosting providers with high-level security features that will ensure that your data and that of your visitors is safe.


Your web hosting company must have firewalls that prevent the intrusion from outside networks. The firewall security provided by your web hosting company is created to limit access to the network and keep all your data safe.


People will try to access your website and plant virus on it to retrieve your information belonging to you or your customers. Before you sign up with Canadian web hosting providers make sure they are well equipped and protected with updated antivirus that prevents the activities and excesses of online hackers. Antivirus will also protect your emails and scan them for infections before they are downloaded in the local area.

SSL Support

Credit card information, personal details, passwords and others details are collected and protected by the SSL support. Your web hosting must have SSL support, which is one of the most reliable and robust security apparatus ever.

Strict registration policies

One of the ways hackers infiltrate a web hosting company is to masquerade as a customer and get into the system before they carry out an attack. Choose a web hosting company that has strict registration policies and procedures that ensure every client is screened before they are allowed to join the network.

Security is a paramount issue for most Canadian web hosting providers. Sign up only with a company that can guarantee security features like SSL support, strict registration policies, antivirus, antispam, firewalls, SSH, Secure POP3 and so on.

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