Mark Hurd’s Life: One of Unbridled Success

Do you, like most others, believe that LinkedIn is a wonderful resume website as it allows professionals to get jobs and switch careers without giving interviews? Well, this social networking site also has the resume of Mark Hurd, one of the most successful CEO of modern times. He has more than 160000 followers on LinkedIn. This is only one of the many interesting facts of Website that many people are no aware of.


Do you know that Mark Hurd, the man who has led three technology companies at different times in his long and fruitful career spanning 35 years, is not a computer programmer? He does not even have an MBA degree against his name. He passed out from Baylor University in 1979 and received his degree of BBA from there. Therefore, he can be termed as a non technological man who has held such important positions in tech companies like Oracle and Hewlett Packard. He may not have a technology background as far as academics is concerned but he has deep knowledge that he has earned through hard work and experience.


One of the important aspects of Mark Hurd’s life is that he had to endure a lot of pain while serving Hewlett Packard. He joined HP when it was going through a poor performance period. He sacked thousands of employees of the company to stop HP from reaching the level of bankruptcy. He asked many employees to take a cut in their salaries and he himself accepted a 20% cut in his salary. His drastic steps helped in improving the financial condition of the company and it limped back to normalcy.


Finally, this one will blow you over. Mark Hurd got admission in Baylor University through a tennis scholarship. He repaid generously after he became successful as he helped in renovation of a tennis complex there.

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YouTube Ideas for Real Estate Professionals

As a real estate agent, you want to have all the opportunities you can lay your hands on to get buyers for your homes. One way to do this is to create YouTube videos, which people can watch on any devices. Getting a lot of views and attention on YouTube may be hard for starters. You can overcome this problem when you that will make your video popular within a very short while.

Create a Feature Video

A feature video will involve you introducing yourself so that your viewers get to know you better. This type of video promotes trust, connectivity, and respect that help people make up their minds to want to try you out. It is also an opportunity to meet your audience and know what they think about your business and services.

Links and Call to Action

After every video you have posted you need to include links and call to actions. This will instigate people to take action by clicking links that will go directly to your website or purchase portal. Call to action is also needed to help the viewers know what to do next, after viewing.

Create Clear and Enticing Content

No matter how many times you buy real YouTube likes, you still need to create quality content that people will be interested in watching. Make sure you make high-quality HD videos, with good audio and graphics. If you have the resources, you can employ a video expert to create special effects that will wow your viewers and make them like your content the more.

Real estate agents can boost sales when they buy real YouTube likes and create quality content that provides reviews and descriptions for the audience. Whatever you do, make sure you deliver something reliable that everyone can comprehend.

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Must Have Web Hosting Security Features

To continue to gain the trust of your website visitors and customers you need to guarantee security. People are losing personal profiles and data to hackers online these days, and it is no funny at all. When selecting a hosting company for your business choose Canadian web hosting providers with high-level security features that will ensure that your data and that of your visitors is safe.


Your web hosting company must have firewalls that prevent the intrusion from outside networks. The firewall security provided by your web hosting company is created to limit access to the network and keep all your data safe.


People will try to access your website and plant virus on it to retrieve your information belonging to you or your customers. Before you sign up with Canadian web hosting providers make sure they are well equipped and protected with updated antivirus that prevents the activities and excesses of online hackers. Antivirus will also protect your emails and scan them for infections before they are downloaded in the local area.

SSL Support

Credit card information, personal details, passwords and others details are collected and protected by the SSL support. Your web hosting must have SSL support, which is one of the most reliable and robust security apparatus ever.

Strict registration policies

One of the ways hackers infiltrate a web hosting company is to masquerade as a customer and get into the system before they carry out an attack. Choose a web hosting company that has strict registration policies and procedures that ensure every client is screened before they are allowed to join the network.

Security is a paramount issue for most Canadian web hosting providers. Sign up only with a company that can guarantee security features like SSL support, strict registration policies, antivirus, antispam, firewalls, SSH, Secure POP3 and so on.

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Star Wars Art

nhance Your Child’s Room with Star Wars Art

Outlook of a house is depicted by the taste of the people who live in that house and when it comes to managing that outlook one may go for numerous different ideas to consider in order making the place look attractive.

These days’ people consider the idea of making the outlook of their houses enhanced with the art that features their favorite characters, movies and much more. Similarly, many people have now been dragged in the Star Wars art as well which features the characters, scenarios and much more featured in the form of paintings, canvas prints and much more.

Attractive Canvas and Paintings

When it comes to making your child’s room attractive you can make the most of different things and so Star Wars Art is one of them. This concept may include the creation of a painting, a canvas print and much more on the walls of your child’s room.

The canvas may have characters, scenarios or important ancient accessories from the movie to be featured on the wall. One may make the most of different ideas and yet enjoy a seamless outlook on the different areas of the room, a few ways in which the Star Wars Art may be featured includes the following:

  • An entire wall of the room may be painted with the characters or any scenario that depicts the Star Wars and the colors and hues of shades may appear amazing.
  • Canvas of a huge size featuring any of your child’s favorite scenarios may be printed and placed with an appealing frame.
  • There may be small canvas featured on one single wall depicting different scenarios in consistency and showing a snapshot of the movie itself.

All these techniques may be used to depict the movie and its associated art on the walls of your house enhancing the interiors pleasantly.

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